AmdoCafe Xining closed

Dear Customer,

Because AmdoCafe is closed as of Dec 1, 2017,  until we find another solution , you are welcome to come to our Amdocraft office to buy our handicrafts.

You are welcome to come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00hr  -17.00 hr

Please contact us if you have questions





周一, 周三 和周五,  10点 – 17 点.




Amdocraft Xining China

青海安多手工, 西宁, 中国

城西区,西川南路 15号, 7单元 102

电话:  0971-8169740

手机:  18997231050

微信/Wechat 办公室/Office: amdocraftoffice

微信/Wechat 安鹏 Klaas:  amdocraft


西川南路15号 (昆仑西路 15号), 盐湖小区,(盐湖集团钾肥厂家属院) 7号楼, 7单元 102

XiChuanNan Lu nr 15 (Kunlun West Rd 15) , YanHu XiaoQu (formerly JiaFeiChang XiaoQu), building 7, stairwell 7,  102.

 盐湖小区在西宁市城西区 西川南路/昆仑西路 青海师范大学南门的对面。西川南路公交站。

公交车8路,22路,30路, 41路, 42路,47路, 59路,85路 102路。 还有在2路车终点站的附近(广播电视台)

We are right opposite the old south gate of Qinghai ShiDa, bus stop XiChuan NanLu. Right at bus stop for bus 8, 22, 30, 41, 42, 47, 59, 85 and 102 (and close to the last stop of bus nr 2).

Amdocraft Xining China

青海安多手工, 西宁, 中国

城西区,西川南路 15号, 7-7单元 102

电话:  0971-8169740

Amdocraft Xining China



微信公众: 安多手工

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