Amdocraft Products at Xining Limeng Shangyexiang

From tomorrow onwards for 5 days (Aug 17-22, from approx noon-8pm) you can buy Amdocraft products at Limeng ShangYeXiang. We are located outside in front of the Burger King/Starbucks/Limeng Town.

During these 5 days we will not open our Amdocraft Shop/Office at ZiNing Jiayuan.


Amdocraft Xining China青海安多手工, 西宁, 中国西川南路41号.

微信/Wechat 办公室/Office: amdocraftoffice

微信/Wechat 安鹏 Klaas: amdocraft

电话: 0971-8169740

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