Amdocraft Yak Milk Soap tested and approved

Amdocraft Yak Milk Soaps have been tested by the Guangdong Provincial Centre for microbiological analysis and testing. Good outcome and good results.

Almost everything from the yak is used to sustain the lives of Tibetan herdsmen and their families. Several nomad women have now been trained in soap crafting. Yak milk and yak tallow are the main ingredients in this soap. Yak milk is superior to other milk. It has a higher fat content and is rich in protein, vitamin A and calcium.  Yak Milk Soap is very different from the bars of soap purchased in supermarkets. Commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals which can irritate and dry out the skin. The high content of moisturizing ingredients and great fragrances makes Yak Milk Soap a treat to the skin. Our soap is made in small batches with saponified yak tallow, rapeseed oil and yak milk. Yak Milk Soap may contain Tibetan herbs or flowers, oatmeal, essential oils and/or mineral colorants.

D501 — Yak Milk Soap-Holiday Spice 假日香料    
D502 — Yak Milk Soap-Lemon Tangerine 柠檬柑橘    
D503 — Yak Milk Soap -Milk  乳香    
D504 — Yak Milk Soap-Tibetan Grassland 西藏草原    
D505 — Yak Milk Soap-Tibetan Sky 西藏天空   
D506 — Yak Milk Soap- Lavender 薰衣草    
D507 — Yak Milk Soap – Double Mint 双薄荷    
D508 — Yak Milk Soap- Lavender Tea Tree 薰衣草 茶树    
D509 — Yak Milk Soap – Lavender Oatmeal 薰衣草燕麦   
D510 — Yak Milk Soap- Mint Lemon 薄荷柠檬    
D511 — Yak Milk Soap-Cypress Tea Tree丝柏茶树    
D512 — Yak Milk Soap-  Rose Edelweiss 玫瑰 雪绒花    
D513 — Yak Milk Soap-Rose 玫瑰    
D514 — Yak Milk Soap-Vanilla 香草    
D515 — Yak Milk Soap -Frankincense and Myrrh 乳香没药    
D516 — Yak Milk Soap -Apple and cinnamon 苹果 桂皮    
D517 — Yak Milk Soap -Vanilla and Orange 香草 柑橘    
D518 — Yak Milk Soap-Coffee 咖啡    
D519 — Yak Milk Soap – Aloe Tea Tree 芦荟 茶树    
D602 — YM Soap ♥ Lemon Tangerine 柠檬柑橘    
D604 — YM Soap ♥ Tibetan Grassland 西藏草原    
D606 — YM Soap ♥ Lavender薰衣草    
D800 — YM  Small Soap 12gr   Various Shapes 各种形状小香皂    
D850 — Yak Milk Soap Christmas Tree 圣诞树    
D950 — Yak Milk Soap 25gr Various Shapes (中)各种形状香皂

Amdocraft Xining China 


Amdocraft Xining China

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