Beishan Cailunduo can host foreigners

Good news from Huzhu Beishan:

Boss Mr Fan (范老板) just informed me that he has an official license to have foreigners stay at his beautiful mountain resort. Many of us have enjoyed staying there.

You can book rooms by phoning Mrs Xiang (his wife):  13897723151

Rooms are at the moment: 240 rmb per double room, 100 rmb per bed their ensuite rooms and 45 rmb per bed in a dorm.

Entrance fee to the park is at the moment 62 rmb per person. Making use of the electric cars is 30 rmb. Mr. Fan has negotiate a 30% discount on this when you stay at his guesthouse. You can phone him when you have difficulty with this at the gate.  Mr Fan 13897383969

More pictures and descriptions of this place can be found in English and Chinese at:

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