CCTV NEWS program featuring us

CCTV/CNTV NEWS did broadcast a documentary in Febr 2015 about Amdocraft and our life in Qinghai, called Helping Tibetans in Qinghai.

Klaas is a Dutchman who has lived in Xining, Qinghai  for over a decade. Follow his story on ‪#‎MyChina‬  Sunday Febr 8, 2015 at 10:30am (BJT) as he helps local Tibetans‬ market their traditional handicrafts, and enjoys life in beautiful Qinghai Province.


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欢迎关注我们青海安多手工(Qinghai Amdocraft). 我们是一个社会企业帮一些藏族做手工艺品。Help us help the Tibetan nomads
微信公众:  QH-Amdocraft or 安多手工






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