Celebrate Christmas with our Nativity Set!


Celebrate Christmas this year with our brightly-colored Nativity set. Like our other products, it is made by Tibetan nomads and farmers from Qinghai Province. This set includes twelve figures: Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the angel, three wise men, two shepherds, a camel, a sheep and a cow. Made of sheep wool felt and stuffed with silk wadding, each object is completely handmade from beginning to end. Each felt piece is first drawn, then cut and finally hand stitched together to create the final product. This soft set is a perfect gift for families with small children to help introduce the Christmas story and encourage play.



Joseph is depicted in this Nativity scene with his hands folded in a peaceful pose. Completely handmade and hand stitched, Joseph features a beard and simple robes.



The mother of Jesus, Mary, is seen here in traditional dress with head covering. Completely handmade and hand stitched, Mary’s hands are folded around her waist as she watches over her newborn baby. 



According to the story, after a long journey to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary had to settle in for Jesus’ birth in a stable as no inn had room for them. He was swaddled in cloths and laid in a manger. In this Nativity scene, baby Jesus’ sweet face is seen poking through his light blue blanket, and his eyes are closed as he lies sleeping.



In the Nativity story, an angel visits the shepherds and tells them of Jesus’ birth. The angel in this set is clothed in white with golden robes and a golden headband. The felt wings are adorned with sequins and beads.



In this Nativity scene, the three gifts brought to the young child are represented and carried by three wise men. Dressed in brightly colored robes embellished with brilliant sashes and beads, the wise men’s clothing tells of their wealth. They came bearing expensive presents for the young Jesus, which are seen here held by hands and stitched into the vibrant robes. Set includes three wise men.



The story doesn’t tell how many shepherds came to visit baby Jesus following his birth, but the group is depicted in this Nativity set with two men, each holding a staff used to herd his sheep. Set includes two shepherds.



The camel in this Nativity set accompanies the wise men who made their journey from the East to visit young Jesus. Just as the wise men are assumed to be wealthy due to the extravagance of their gifts, so might their animals have been adorned in some measure of wealth. This camel is handmade of woolen felt with a hand-stitched, brightly-colored blanket embellished with vibrant ribbon.



As baby Jesus was born in a stable and lain in a manger, it is likely Mary and Joseph were not alone on the night of his birth. There may have been animals present in the stable, so a cow is included in this Nativity set.



In the Christmas story, shepherds are presumed to be the first visitors to see the baby Jesus, so in addition to the two shepherds in this Nativity set, a sheep is also present. 



Price: 275元. Colors may vary by set; no straw, manger or stable included. Most figures measure 14.5cm tall. Cow is 13.5cmx8.5cm, sheep is 10cmx5cm, and camel is 14cmx10cm. Baby Jesus is 5cmx3cm.




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