David’s lego sale

1.  Lego instruction booklets:

selling all the rest of my Lego instruction booklets.
30 Yuan

2. Chinese lego (not real lego)

This box of Lego includes the platforms of Lego and some random not real Lego instructions.
Around 5 kg of not so real Lego. 150 yuan
(Not including plastic Box)
3. Selling 2 Lego star wars sets, they both miss about 15 fifteen pieces
The set numbers are 8018 and 7749 for 150 Yuan.

4.  Selling random bionicle pieces.

Weighs more than 1 kg
100 Yuan
5.  This set  does not have the same people as you would get officially instead of 4 good clones I give 3 bad clone troopers and 2 good clone troopers. The walker is complete but some pieces may be a different color than the original.
on Tao Bao the price for new is 250 Yuan
Price: 50 Yuan 
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