Foreign Devils or Angels?


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The <i>laowai's</i> burden

Evolving attitudes to foreigners

Foreigners take pictures sitting on a replica “dragon seat” in Jingshan Park. Photo: CFP


Beijing kicks off campaign targeting illegal aliens


Foreign Devils?
c NZ teacher loses his cool

A New Zealand teacher aged in his 60s made a splash at a swimming pool in Jinan, Shandong Province when he threw a discourteous 5-year-old girl into the water. Surrendering to the temptation millions of people feel every day, he hurled the child into the pool, we like to think, face first.


A British man has been detained by police for indecency, after he was alleged to have molested a young Chinese woman around 11 pm on Tuesday evening, on Xuanwumenwai Dajie, Xicheng district, Beijing public security bureau (PSB) confirmed Thursday.

In a four-minute video of the incident, uploaded to the Internet, the unidentified woman; remonstrated with Vedernikov, who refused to remove his feet, saying she was giving his feet a massage. He then cursed her with insulting language when she told him he should be ashamed of himself.
Police have arrested a foreigner for allegedly robbing taxi drivers at knife point in the southern Chinese city of Foshan, local officials said Friday.

Police did not reveal the nationality of the apprehended suspect, but local media said he was a 33-year-old Nigerian. A knife and meat cleaver were confiscated from him during the arrest.

About 40 cases of illegal geographic surveying cases involving foreign individuals or organizations have been investigated since 2006, some of which involved stealing military information that could threaten national security, according to the country’s surveying and mapping administration.

Foreign Angels?
On April 1 last year, a 23-year-old student surnamed Wang, who studied in Japan for five years stabbed his mother nine times at the arrivals hall of Pudong International Airport. Then a foreigner wearing a red, casual jacket ran to the woman’s rescue.
Stabbed Shanghai mother defends son as mentally ill

A young American man has risen to fame in China’s cyberspace after two photos showing him sharing French fries and a drink with a beggar in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province went viral.

Jason Loose, 23, who goes by the Chinese name Lu Jiesen, told the Nanjing-based newspaper Modern Express that he never imagined his act of kindness would bring him so much public attention.

David Deems David Mark, whose Chinese name is Ding Dawei, comes from the US. He began working in Gansu Province in 1995 as a teacher where he earned a small income.

From 2000, David began to use his free time to help build primary schools in Dongxiang, one of Gansu’s poorest counties in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture.

Q Eckart Loewe, whose Chinese name is Lu An’ke, a volunteer teacher from Germany, spent more than 10 years with children from small villages in China’s Zhuang Autonomous Region starting in 1997.

Although he livd in an extremely poor area, Loewe was happy every day. He said he was doing what he really liked, and the joy of it brings him a great sense of satisfaction despite a poor material life.

Source: CRI

L An elderly French man, who calls himself “Luqi”, which means “roadside beggar” in Chinese, insists on picking up garbage from the streets where he lives and has inspired other volunteers to also pick up garbage on the streets in order to make the city cleaner.

He settled in China after he retired and later married a Chinese woman.


War of Words
1 Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times

Regarding the recent comments made by Yang Rui, the CCTV-9 host, I feel there might have been some strong use of words but just because of which, some western media have been pressing CCTV to fire him, which has gone a bit too far. We (Global Times Editorial) do not agree. More
@李德基: Those westerners in China either come for legitimate business, or just for fun. The latter are usually scum; whereas what China exports to other countries are members of the Chinese upper class, business owners, government officials, or talented scholars.
@天下乐田: Can we stop this way of governing the country? Public policies come in waves of public campaign and (the effect of which does not last long). How far can it get us to demonize every foreign citizen here who does not have legal residence status? After all, the bad is only a few; the majority of the criminals in the country are Chinese. The point is how to work on efficiency and effectiveness in the public service domain.
@平安08: Should the presenter be more analytical he would realize the we now live in a global village. State border allows for two-way traffic. If others treated the Chinese community with such intense belligerence, it wouldn’t be too good for us. To work hard to make our society a better place starts with us!
Custer’s latest stand reveals sensitivity
I’m more familiar than most with Yang’s work, having worked at CCTV during China’s political sessions last year. I know that he often preferred to adlib the monologues that bookend his program, shrugging off the crutch of the teleprompter. He might walk with the swagger of a TV host, but those who know him off camera attest to his sharp mind, sharper wit, and ever readiness to greet foreign guests with a warm handshake.
Yang Rui was insensitive, but shouldn’t be sacked
We think Yang’s wording was too harsh. He only stressed the problems of illegal immigrants in China without mentioning the contributions other foreigners have made to the country. He slammed many foreigners, which made it a media sensation and led to misunderstanding among foreigners.

CCTV host Yang Rui responds to online uproar 

RSSIs anti-foreign fever returning to China?
After two videos showing foreigners behaving badly went viral, and CCTV host Yang Rui’s recent microblog post on “foreign trash” caused lots of controversy, some foreigners are wondering if they’re still welcome in China. What is the Chinese mentality toward foreigners nowadays? Do expats really feel anti-foreigner sentiments in China? The Global Times invited two commentators to contribute their thoughts.

RSSIllegal immigrant crackdown a new challenge for China 
Mishandling this problem may lead to diplomatic friction, as foreigners are involved. Beijing will obviously be an example for other cities to follow. China is a friendly country, and should avoid misunderstanding from other countries when fighting against illegal immigrants.

RSSStricter rules but China still welcomes foreigners 

Foreigners worry that China is becoming less friendly towards them. However, curbing illegal entry, residence and employment is, in fact, an international issue. Stricter rules don’t mean that China’s openness and inclusiveness to foreigners are changing.

RSSAnti-foreign feeling adjustment, not xenophobia 
Several Western friends living in China and some readers of this column sent me e-mails recently, sharing their concerns about what some called “a xenophobic atmosphere” gaining strength in their host country. Some said they are even considering leaving China because of a growing animosity toward foreigners.

RSSWeibo Voices:

@北京人在DC: With China’s economic development comes the same problems which appear in other developed countries.  I know several foreigners who work in China with only a  tourist visa.

@Eleven_Story: Will the places established for deporting those foreigners become places that have many crime activities?

@听风灌雨: The problems of foreigners illegally entering China, staying in China and working in China should be severely handled. It will become a great misfortune if we do not attach importance to this problem.

@panhongfei: I hope those refugees can find places where they can be accommodated.

Some Foreigners Who Gain Chinese Nationality

??? Ma Haide (George Hatem), male, born in New York, US in 1910 and died in 1988. He was granted citizenship to the People’s Republic of China. He was also the first foreigner to be granted citizenship to China. He contributed his life to promoting the health of Chinese people.
 k Israel Epstein, male, born in Poland in 1915, participated in China’s revolution in the 1930s. He changed his nationality and became a Chinese citizen in 1957. He became a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Beginning in 1983 he was a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He died in 2005.
 C  Chen Bidi (Betty Chandler), female, was born in Canada in 1915 and gained Chinese citizenship in 1963.
 S Sidney Shapiro, male, Jewish, was born in New York, US in 1915 and gained Chinese citizenship in 1963. He is an author and translator and still resides in Beijing.

Y Ye Hua (Eva Sandberg), female, Jewish, a photographer, was born in Germany in 1911 and died in 2001. She gained Chinese citizenship in 1964. She was married to Xiao San, a famous Chinese poet.
 W Wei Lushi (Ruth F. Weiss), female, Jewish, an educator, journalist and lecturer, was born in Austria in 1908 and died in 2006. She gained Chinese citizenship in 1955.
 L Li Sha (Елизавета Кишкина), female, was born in Russia in 1914 and gained Chinese citizenship in 1964. She was the wife of Li Lisan, one of the early leaders of Chinese Communist Party.
 Z Zheng Lǜcheng, male, composer, was born in North Korea in 1914 and died in 1976. He gained Chinese citizenship in 1950.

Enjoy Yourself in China

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