Gansu Gannan Tibetan prefecture

We as Amdocraft make very regular trips to Gansu Gannan Tibetan Prefecture, which is part of the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau. Here some pictures of this beautiful area.  We have also sales points of our products in places like Labrang (Xiahe) and Langmusi and we have people in Luqu county also involved in making our Amdocraft products.

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There are now several roads that can be taken from Xining to Gannan.

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The road taken this time goes via Jianzha, Bao’an (close to Tongren) on towards Labrang (XiaHe).

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Hezuo is the capital of Gannan Prefecture. A city that is developing fast.

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With Gannan as a Tibetan Prefecture it is no surprise to find a monastery in Hezuo.


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Monks young and old. Here a few monks playing tug of war.

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But apart from the prominent Tibetan Buddhist religion, there are also Muslim people (see the mosque) and Christian people.


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Hezuo is a great place, easy to walk up a hill with a great few of the city. Hezuo: A mixture of many different people groups. A great place to buy very tasty Yak Milk Yoghurt.


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Roads outside the main Lanzhou – Hezuo – Chengdu highway are not always that great. Here a road leading towards Zhuoni County.


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These are Zhuoni people. They have a very distinct dress, different from other Amdo Areas. And this is the same for their language.


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However it is not difficult to spot people in Zhuoni that have a more Amdo style outfit.


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On the way back to Xining this road goes through Linxia via Xunhua and Hualong back home.


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