High school students perspective

These 3 high school students from Xining nr 4 school are preparing them selves to study in the US next year.  This is what they wrote:

Dear Klaas:

We learned a lot from last interview. First, we see many strengths form your company. As you mentioned, the company develop the new products frequently. The work place is flexible and workers can do the handcraft at their home. We glad that you have a Tibetan worker to communicate with nomads. We also see the clear division of staffs. We think is very good for a business because it can make the work reach maximum efficiency. However, we also summarized a few weakness in your business. The unstable staffs because many people don’t want do anymore and you need find the new village continually. Another one is you need keep the price low to fit the competition. But we think this weakness won’t cause big influences to your business. On contrast, Amdo handcraft has many opportunities like more Chinese customers and it can expand to more areas and more places. The one threat is the product can be copy by other companies.

We are moved that you are so brave to start the business because of you want help the poor. The most important thing is take action. Many people just have the idea but they don’t have enough courage to do it. Otherwise, we all agree that you said: start from small is good. Every one has a dream to own a business. Maybe in the future, someone of us will run a business and we will remember don’t expect too much at first. There is one thing that you said: A business man who just want get more profits is not a good business man. Yes, we definitely believe this. A business man make profits from society and also need contribute to society. By this way, a business can get a long term profits.

This are some of our reflection about the interview. We are very happy to see you and your great handcraft. In addition, we love the yak soaps and we all choose the one we like. The smell is really attractive.


Amy, Christina, Eileen

Picture together with the teacher.

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