Speech at the opening of the Qinghai Handicrafts Association.

Speech at the opening of the Qinghai Handicrafts Association.

Thank you very much for allowing me to say a few words.  My name is 安鹏 and I come from Holland. I came to Qinghai in 1998, and I have since then lived in Qinghai with my family in different places in Qinghai.  From the year 2000 onwards I lived for 5 years in Zeku 泽库县, Tongren 同仁县 and Tongde County 同德县.  Now we live in Xining.

I am the owner of Amdocraft , A handicraft company that started in 2001 as a project in Zeku County.  The project was set up to help poor nomads to get some additional income through making products from Sheep and Yak Wool.

When I first heard about this Qinghai Handicraft Association,  I became very excited, because I believe that we can learn a lot from each other. So, I want to congratulate the Qinghai Handicraft Association with the first meeting here today and I am very glad that I can be part of this.

We have seen more enterprises started to look into options how they can use handicrafts as a enterprise and as a way to create income for Qinghai people that are good in making these. We have all seen the increase in the number of tourists coming to Qinghai every year. This brings challenges, but also create great opportunities for the Qinghai people that are good in making handicrafts.  So this platform will be an ideal place for brainstorming how to learn from each other, how to improve the quality, how to think about standardization and how to create more markets for Handicrafts made in Qinghai.

We all have an option to not work together and to see each other as competitors, but I believe that we will all benefit more when we are willing to share ideas, share resources and contribute to the development of handicrafts production and sales in Qinghai,

Thank you.

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