Tour de Qinghai Lake 2012 starts June 29,2012

Tour de Qinghai is starting on Friday June 29, 2012.

Disruptions in Xining and area will be major on Friday June29 (West side of Xining), Saturday June 30th (only on the Motorway)  and Sunday July 1st.

After these days the tour will go to the Qinghai Lake, Tianjun, Qilian, ZhangYe, Wuwei, Zhongwei, Baiyin and finishing in Lanzhou.

Friday June 29, Xining Circuit Race.   Start race at 11.00 hr. Finish 13.30 hr

Start/Finish—Xinning Rd, —Xiguan Str. — Lenghu Rd. — Wusi West Rd. — Yinling Str. — Underground
passage — Tulip Rd. — Wenyuan Str. —Haiyan Rd. — Xinning Rd. — Start/Finish

See picture below:

Saturday June 30th: Start at 10.00hr at Duoba  going over the Motorway to Ping’an, so watch out when you want to go to the airport on Saturday morning.

Sunday July 1st:  The start of the race will be at the Zhongxin Square at 11.00 hr. Then the race will do to Shengli Rd on to the highway just before the peoples park.  They will go on to Qinghai Lake, so the disruptions would be finished be 12.00hr.

More details here:


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