Trip to Tongde July 2014

Last week we went again to Tongde County. This is where 15 Tibetans are making our Amdocraft products. They are eager for us to come because they really need this extra bit of income. Great people, but also lots of needs. HELP US HELP THE TIBETAN NOMADS.

Between Xining and Tongde. Nomads in their summer pastures.

Traditional Tibetan nomads tent made from woven yak wool.

Upon arrival we are first treated with a meal what often include some mutton.

Inspection and measuring of the produced hand spun and woven sheep wool material.

We check and they check together. Good quality.

Proud of their good quality woven material.

We pay them straight away for their work. Fair pay for good work.

On the way back we enjoy the scenery again. Qinghai is great.


Now also on Taobao:

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