Yak Milk Soap – Lavender Oatmeal

Textured with oatmeal and simply scented with natural lavender essential oils, Lavender Oatmeal is a perfect choice for someone with sensitive skin.


Lavender also makes this bar anti-bacterial and antifungal.
Oatmeal provides exfoliating and colloidal qualities. In the exfoliating action, oatmeal flakes scrub away dead skin cells. The soothing colloidal action of oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin so that it is softer and more elastic. Oatmeal also reduces redness, itching and minor skin irritations. 

Handmade by Tibetans.

Almost everything from the yak is used to sustain the lives of Tibetan herdsmen and their families. Several nomad women have now been trained in soap crafting. Yak milk and yak tallow are the main ingredients in this soap. Yak milk is superior to other milk. It has a higher fat content and is rich in protein, vitamin A and calcium. Yak Milk Soap is very different from the bars of soap purchased in supermarkets. Commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals which can irritate and dry out the skin. The high content of moisturizing ingredients and great fragrances makes Yak Milk Soap a treat to the skin. Our soap is made in small batches with saponified yak tallow, rapeseed oil and yak milk. Yak Milk Soap may contain Tibetan herbs or flowers, oatmeal, essential oils and/or mineral colorants.


Yak Milk Soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


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