Yak Milk Soap

We have now been able to start producing our New Yak Milk Soap in bigger quantities and in more varieties.
So, we like to promote this new product.  Yak Milk Soap is 100% natural and is very moisturizing for your skin.

We make the soap in 3 different sizes:
1. bar of 100-110 gram for 29 rmb per piece.
2. heart shape of 100-110 gram for 29 rmb per piece.
3. travel bar or heart shape of around 12 gram for  8 rmb per piece

The following scents are available:
1. Holiday Spice
2. Lemon Tangerine
3. Milk (no added scent, no added color)
4. Tibetan Grassland
5. Tibetan Sky
6. Lavender
7. Double Mint
8. Lavender Tea Tree
9. Lavender Oat Meal
10. Mint Lemon

We can give discount on larger quantities and to regular customers.  Please contact us.
For more details and pictures we invite you to check out our website:


Hope to hear from you soon,

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