K75 Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves

By Amdo Craft

Keep your hands warm while still being able to use your cell phone! Inspired by the cold and dry climate of the Tibetan plateau, these fingerless gloves are both functional and warm. The exterior is a soft suede with a wool lining. The suede is accented with bright, Tibetan-patterned fabric. Gloves measure 17x10cm. 

Customer review

 Very good. A conscientious seller.

Amdo Craft is a growing company in Qinghai province.

The company exists to train Tibetans in making souvenirs and help them sell those items, locally and internationally. The number of people visiting Tibetan areas is growing every year. 

Amdo Craft helps to provide authentic souvenirs, handmade by people who need the additional income. The profit of the sales of the handicrafts goes to Tibetan communities. Amdo Craft has helped to provide books for libraries in small Tibetan schools. It also provides training in health and hygiene.  

Last but not least, Amdo Craft helps to preserve traditional Tibetan weaving and braiding skills and promotes the production of indigenous Tibetan Handicraft items.

Over the last ten years, Amdo Craft has partnered up with Tibetan nomads and farmers. Taking their own traditional skills in braiding and weaving, these Tibetans have been trained in using their resources (yak and sheep wool and yak milk) to produce marketable handmade items. The profits of the sales go back into the Tibetan communities. 

Supporting the Amdo in education and health care, as well as providing training in handicrafts are some of Amdo Craft’s goals. These focuses provide an improvement in quality of life skills, stable income, and preservation of Tibetan traditional culture.

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